Dental Bridge?

A bridge is similar to multiple crowns fused together except the tooth which is being replaced is a solid replica of the tooth it is replacing.  In order to utilize fixed bridgework to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, it is necessary to have either healthy teeth to support the bridge or implants to provide support.  Whether it is your natural teeth or one or more implants the bridge is connected to, once the bridge is cemented into place it will appear that you are not missing teeth and it will function just as your teeth once did. 

Our bridges are made with porcelain fused to a noble metal or all porcelain, this gives us the ability to shade and shape the units of the bridge to match your remaining teeth or resemble the teeth you once had.  Fixed bridges are a longer term solution to replacing missing teeth (than removable partials dentures) and can last you 10 - 15 years before replacement may be necessary.

If you are missing teeth, you need to replace them as soon as possible!  The teeth adjacent to or opposing the space will shift or grow into the space left by your missing tooth. Teeth require the support of surrounding teeth to keep them in their place.  If you are missing a tooth for long period of time you will notice other teeth appear to be growing out or falling over, this condition can seriously impact your bite and thus chewing.  It is also not healthy for the teeth that are moving and you increase the odds of losing those teeth too.




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PROBLEM: Worn Teeth, Missing Teeth, Collapsed Bite, Unable to Tolerate Conventional Dentures

Implant Supported Bridge

PROBLEM: Missing Back Teeth

SOLUTION: Snap-On / Implant Supported Denture

PROBLEM: Missing Teeth

SOLUTION: Implant Supported Prosthetic

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