Frequently Asked Questions

Is dental implant treatment painful?

Our doctors do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible. Depending on the procedure, you can elect to have local anesthesia or IV sedation. Many of our patients opt for the IV sedation so they don’t feel anything during the procedure. Afterwards, most of our patients report that they experienced far less pain than anticipated.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

In our experience, most people can safely receive dental implants. Even age is not necessarily a factor when determining dental implant placement. Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, dental implants may be the best choice for you. Plus, our doctors are experienced in treating patients with complex cases that may even have been turned away by others. The best way to find out if you’re a candidate is to visit us for a free consultation.

I don’t want people to know I have implants. Will my smile look like I have real teeth?

Believe it or not, dental implants actually become an integrated part of your mouth because they adhere to the jawbone, just like “real” teeth. You’ll be able to brush, floss, eat and smile as if you’d had these teeth your entire life. You can even work with our master lab technicians to determine the shape, color, and size of your teeth to make them look completely natural.

How long is the recovery period for dental implant treatment?

As you can imagine, this differs for every patient. Many patients say they don’t experience significant discomfort beyond swelling and don’t even need pain medication after the procedure. You will be on a soft food diet for a few weeks, which allows your implants to heal. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again.

Is dental implant treatment expensive?

Thanks to precise technology and our all-inclusive centers, the cost of dental implants is much less than it was even a few years ago. However, many of our patients still need financing options to help pay for the procedure. That’s why we work closely with leading healthcare financing companies to provide payment plans for our patients who qualify. During your consultation, our Treatment Coordinator will help figure out a financing strategy that fits your budget. Together, we’ll explore every option available.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment for support?

Yes. In fact, we recommend that you bring family or a friend. They’ll help you feel more at ease before the procedure and afterwards, you’ll be able to show them the new you!

How long is the surgery for full mouth implants? Is it really all done in one day?

Yes, most of our patients walk into our office in the morning and leave later that same day with a new smile. Here’s a basic idea of what happens during your procedure: Your doctors will sedate you, perform the implant procedure and then you’ll rest in our recovery room until the anesthesia fully wears off. The teeth you leave with are your temporary teeth that allow you to eat and enjoy your everyday life. Six months later, you’ll return and we’ll replace your temporary teeth with your new, permanent teeth.

How do I know New Day Smile is the best at what you do?

Getting dental implants is a big decision, and it’s smart to do your research and make sure you’re getting the best quality and value for your money. New Day Smile performs more implant procedures in a month than the average dental office does in an entire year. Our team is experienced. Friendly. And equipped with the best technology to do the job right.

Will my dental implants function just like real teeth?

Your new teeth will not only look and feel like natural teeth, they’ll also function like healthy, strong teeth. With dental implants, you’ll be able to bite into all your favorite foods again with confidence.

Do you offer general dentistry like cleanings and fillings?

We offer general dentistry, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry right here in our office so there's rarely a time when we have to refer a patient to another specialist. You can have all of your dentistry done with us in one location.

What will my first visit to your office be like?

When you come in for your first appointment, you will fill out paperwork so we can get to know you better. Next, you will meet a Dental Assistant for X-rays. An examination is then completed by the Dentist. You will receive a treatment plan for any dental treatment you may need or want. You will checkout with the receptionist and make your next appointment.

I've never been to your office but I'm having pain. Do you take emergencies?

Yes. Call our office to schedule.

What sedation dentistry options do you offer?

Dental sedation varies depending on the patient and their medical history. We will go over all your options when you come in for your free consultation.

How long do single implant procedures typically take?

Implant procedures are done in one visit. A single implant can be done in one hour. Procedure time varies depending on how many implants we are doing.

Will I have to go without teeth or my dentures during the implant process?

No. After the procedure, you will leave our office with temporary teeth or denture that allows you to eat and enjoy your everyday life.You will return to our office some time later where we'll replace your temporary teeth with your new, permanent teeth or denture.

Can you quote me prices over the phone?

We generally do not quote prices over the phone because prices can vary a great deal depending on each patient's unique condition and needs. We can give a general range of prices for basic services but in the case of more extensive treatment, we will need to see you. We offer free dental consultations that include a free doctor exam, free X-rays and 3D imaging. This provides us with all the information we will need to give an honest assessment of your needs. You can schedule your free consultation by giving us a call or by simply scheduling right on our website.

Will my dental insurance cover implant treatment?

We accept many dental insurance plans and will file claims on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle. Our knowledgeable benefit coordinators can help you maximize your dental benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket cost. We will tell you upfront what your insurance plan will pay for and offer options for taking care of any remaining balance.

Do you offer financing?

We offer many financing options to make quality dental care a reality for thousands every year. _We accept most Indemnity Insurance* _We accept most major credit cards: MASTER CARD, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS _CASH AND PERSONAL CHECKS accepted _We offer 24 Month-NO INTEREST financing with Lending Club and Care Credit on approved credit.

What can I expect at my free dental consultation?

When you come in for your first appointment, you will fill out paperwork so we can get to know you better. Next you will meet a dental assistant for x-rays and 3D imaging from our CT Scanner. An examination is then completed by the dentist. You will receive a treatment plan for any dental treatment you may need or want. You will check out with the receptionist and make your next appointment.