New Day Smile Dental Group has continued to invest in the latest dental technology to offer the very best dental care that San Diego can offer. If you're searching for quality dental care in  the San Diego area, look no further than New Day Smile Dental Group in La Mesa.


Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays offer a huge advantage in early detection and preventive services. Advanced image manipulation and analysis, for example, allows your doctor to detect early stages of gum disease through recognition of bone level changes, or by evaluating the results against a previous treatment.


3D Cone Beam Imaging

3D Cone Beam Imaging is an innovative x-ray scanning technology that gives your dentist the ability to see your teeth, soft tissues, and even nerve pathways with ease. This system creates a three-dimensional image of your oral cavity to give your dentist a clear and detailed view of these structures at any angle.


IntraOral Camera

An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny video camera moves around inside of your mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam of your teeth. Using an intraoral camera allows patients to better understand their dental needs by seeing what the dentist sees and then having it explained


Electronic Dental Records

Electronic Dental Records are an integrated part of our practice management system. Our paperless system delivers electronic charting, digital imaging and enhanced case presentation where it is needed most... at chair side.


CEREC MC X Milling Unit

The CEREC® milling and grinding unit allows us  to create crowns, veneers and full mouth restorations that look, feel and function like natural teeth.


24/7 Self Booking

Our real-time online scheduling calendar allows our patients to schedule their dental appointments as easily as booking a car or hotel room. No more having to call during normal business hours for an appointment.


Simply visit our website. Pull up our calendar. And BOOK! 

Dental Implant



Exam & X-Rays