What Is Teeth In One Day?

Teeth In One Day, also known as "All-On-4" refers to a revolutionary new procedure that replaces all of your bad or missing teeth with permanent teeth in one day!

Our top San Diego dental team is one of the few dental groups in the area experienced in this life changing procedure. And now with three locations in San Diego County, patients can conveniently schedule a quick smile makeover. It is simply the fastest and easiest way to a new smile.

The Teeth In One Day Process

The Teeth In One Day process starts with an evaluation of your teeth and gums and an evaluation from one of our Dentists of your physical health.

If you’re a good candidate for Teeth In One Day, you’ll have a smile design session followed by dental surgery, which includes implanting a few small titanium posts into your gums. Later that same day, we’ll attach an entire arch or bridge of life-like teeth to your implants!

This means a beautiful smile in one day!

Imagine starting the week with a smile that leaves you covering your mouth and ending the week with beautiful teeth—so real looking that no one will know the difference.

The final step is a post implant checkup in the days following your bridge attachment.

Caring For Your New Permanent Teeth

Caring for your new permanent teeth is much easier than natural teeth. The replacement teeth are made of zirconia, a hard, toothlike material this is impervious to cavities, resistant to staining and doesn't require flossing.

Simply brush twice a day as you would with natural teeth. And visit your dentist once every 6 months for a 30 minute cleaning.

Teeth In One Day gives you a perfect smile, restores your biting power, and allows you to eat whatever you want.

Teeth In One Day will give you the freedom to say goodbye to unplanned dental visits and unwanted dental bills.

Are You A Candidate For Teeth In One Day?

Thanks to the latest in imaging technology, more people are becoming candidates for this life changing procedure. But the only way to know for sure if it’s right for you is to schedule a consultation and assessment with your dentist.

New Day Smile offers a FREE consultation, FREE 3D CAT Scan, FREE X-Rays, and FREE Dental Exam and Assessment (A $1200 total value).

Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your FREE consultation today!

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