What Is A Dental Veneer?

A dental veneer is simply a tooth like covering that is placed over an existing tooth and bonded to it permanently to improve its appearance.


Veneers can be used to cover imperfections such as marks on teeth or stains, or simply to provide a smile makeover. We utilize them for many of our patients and the results can truly be amazing.

Benefits Of Dental Veneers

Veneers can resolve a variety of different cosmetic issues, including...

  • Tooth discoloration

  • Chipped, broken or worn down teeth

  • Teeth that are misaligned or have gaps between them


Why Choose New Day Smile?

New Day Smile Dental Group works with patients to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing smile possible through a variety of different techniques, and materials.


And because we retain all of our own dental experts and state of the art equipment under one roof, you can have all of your dental work done with us at one location. 

Whether you need veneers, crowns, or implants, the group at New Day Smile will provide excellent care and save you lots of money too. 

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